Friday, August 3, 2007

Food & Tea @ Jusco Tebrau City

Today, I went to Food & Tea in Tebrau City with Sherwynd, Dan, Xavier, Zhemin & Joanne. I ordered a set dish consisting of Roasted Honey Chicken Fried Rice, Red Tea, Sweet Corn Crab Meat Soup & a scoop of ice cream which cost RM11.00. The rest of the gang ordered things like noodle, pork chop fried rice, a chocolate cake, etc. Each of them spending an average of RM8.00 to RM13.00.

Since I did not taste the rest, I shall only review on the dishes I had. Let's start with the Sweet Corn Crab Meat Soup. Frankly, it failed my tastebuds. It tasted like a can of corn soup diluted with lots of sky juice topped with a few threads of crab meat.

Red tea was nice. Taste real good. Maybe it was becoz I like chinese tea, and sweet ones. Some people may say sugar or honey should only go with western teas, but then, I really like sweetened chinese tea. I guess I can accept some east meets west concepts when it comes to food. The rest of the gang ordered a blue blue drink which has a mint taste. They din hav much complaint bout it. Zhemin seemed to hav enjoyed his cup of coffee.

The desert which was what Dan describe as a one mouth 'ngam!' portion of vanilla ice cream was kind of small. And there is nothing special about the vanilla flavor of it. So totally forgetable.

Now, the main dish, the Roasted Honey Chicken Fried Rice. I like roasted stuff, so I guess this dish did catch my attention a bit. The roasted honey chicken did taste nice. But the rice was just any ordinary rice flavoured with some sauce (I'm guessing the sauce consist of soy sauce and sesame oil as main ingredient).

The price was reasonable for the set as it does fill in your tummy. The fried rice ordered by Joanne was GIGANTIC!!! No kidding guys. It was so big that I myself may had some problem finishing it. She didn't comment much bout it though. The noodle soup ordered by Dan was some what bland and watery.

The interior design of the outlet was nice and comfy. Dim lites give you some soothing environment for you to get away from the hectic life. Suitable for families and friends to have a break, do some catching up.

Each of us got 3 different menus, one big book, one small book and one A3 size menu. Sigh... Going thru all of them is a hassle. Collecting the menus after we ordered was a big problem for the waitress. LOL!!!!

Ratings: (On a scale of 10)
Food: 4
(They don't smile much, don't even bother to ask who ordered what while serving, just left the dishes at one corner for us to distribute ourselves; too many menus, why can't they combine it to one)
Decoration/Environment: 7
Atmosphere for dating: 3
Price: 7
= Overall: 5

PS: Ley, I think we should have a standard rating system that all of us use to avoid ambiguity.