Friday, September 21, 2007

Taman Daya Empress Noodle

Many of you guys may be wondering what is Empress Noodle, rough description is that is looks like Dumpling Noodles (Yun Tun Mian/Wan Tan Min).

Empress Noodle or its cousin Dumpling Noodles are not easy to cook actually. The main problem with most stalls is the noodle is extremely hard and other problem is the gravy mixed with the noodles are not very tasty. I mean the taste is not strong enough, very bland.

I forgot to take the pic of the noodle, coz i kinda finish mine too fast, but I did take pic of the stall selling it.. hehehe... the food court is just beside the Taman Daya Maybank office. Besides the Empress Noodle, the Curry Chicken Noodle, Chicken rice, Fried Kuey Tiao & Hokkien Prawn Noodle are also a must try. Real delicious... hehe... enjoy!!!!

Empress Noodle Stall

Hokkien Prawn Noodle Stall

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Honey cream cheese chocolate ice cream

Hahaha! It's the time for me to perform my culinary skills... LOL! No la... Ice cream only... Nothing to show off... But, this is the unique one... I'm sure you never try this before! My own recipe...

Honey cream cheese chocolate ice-cream
200ml of milk, 200 ml of whipping cream (unsweetened), cocoa powder, cream cheese, honey

1. Heat 200ml of fresh milk together with 1 tablespoon of honey (if you prefer sweeter taste, you can add more) for 2 mins.
2. Add in 5 tablespoon of pure cocoa powder and heat until it melts.
3. Here comes the cheese! Add 3 tablespoon of cream cheese (kraft Philadelphia is preferable, and better don't use kraft cheddar spread--> both type, i don't know about other brands' cream cheese)
4. Heat everything for another 5 mins.
5. After the mixture is cooled, add 200ml of whipping cream (unsweetened). You can add more, of course. The creamier, the better.
6. Stir the mixture and put it into the ice cream maker to let it 'spin' for 30-60mins.
7. Tada! Ice cream is done! Faster thank me for providing the recipe.

Heres the photo of the product. I know the appearance is not presentable la... Coz it has just came out from the machine mah... And i haven 'decorate'' it...

Easy? Try it! Ice cream maker can be found at those electrical appliance shop.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Piggie Maggie Goreng

I don't know many guys who can cook. Hmm... I know one that cooks spaghetti, Jonathan who bakes, Michael who say he can cook too and yesterday nite, Danny say he can cook also, that's about it. Anyway, many girls also can't cook nowadays!!!

I'm very happy yesterday coz it was the first time I cooked maggie goreng, and it is one of a kind, you can't get it anywhere!!! It is Piggie Style cooking. By the way, I am not good at cooking!!!!

Let me bring you through the process:

Ingredients: Piggie, Soy sauce, dark soy sauce, maggie, frozen/fresh veggie.

1. You need to prepare piggie first. Slice thinly and marinate with soy sauce. Amount of soy sauce depends on the amount of piggie you have. Leave it to sit for a while. You can add a little corn starch, as it makes the piggie smoother. It taste as well without it though.

2. Slightly boil the maggie. Be aware not to soften the maggie entirely as there is another frying stage later. So, how long to boil? The maggie should be a little softer but still firm enough to stay in its square shape like when you take out from the packet.

3. Heat a little oil. And pour the piggie into the frying pan. Make sure not to transfer the excess soy sauce into the pan too if you added too much of it at the first step. Fry piggie until it looks cooked outside meaning it become light brown due to the soy sauce.

4. Then, throw in some frozen vegetables or fresh ones. Give it a quick stir and add in your maggie. Stir again and close the pan with the lid. Don't add any water coz the juice of the piggie and the veggie will be enough to cook the maggie.

5. After about 10 seconds, open the lid and stir fry again. You will notice the maggie is cooked already. Now, the final touch, add some dark soy sauce to give that brown colour to your fried maggie. Give it a quick stir fry. Make sure you are fast, as all of the juices has been absorb by the maggie, so the pan is rather dry and if you didn't put a lot of oil at the 2nd step, the maggie will be burn very soon.

6. Turn of the fire and the Piggie Maggie Goreng is ready to be served!!!

Frankly, it taste real nice!! hehe...

Happy trying!!!