Saturday, December 22, 2007

The making of TANG YUAN

Today is a day we call "Dong Zhi" (chinese word,obviously), which means the arrival of winter.
We eat "Tang Yuan", 'tang" stands for soup, "yuan" stands for round, and it's soaked in sweet ginger water, which is shown in the pictures below.

Don't mind the explanation, it was only meant for those who don't know. Spare a thought for them.

This is some kind of flour, I don't know what you call it in English.
It's called "nuo mi fen" in Chinese.
Mom says in English is "glutinous rice flour".
Sounds rather funny to me. I don't know, maybe right.
You can buy it from most of the grocery store. Kinda cheap i think.

Then, mix it with water and rub it until it becomes a soft and bouncy dough.
Next, make it into small round particles. You can make those with red bean filling, or maybe peanuts, up to you.

After everything is ready, it's time to cook the soup. You'll need ginger and pandan leaves to make it taste better.
Ta-dang!! tang yuan is ready!
My parents love it, but I'm not really a big fan of it.
Maybe you can try it next year, but make sure you get the right recipe. Mine is just a basic guide. I warn you, DO NOT FOLLOW. xiang yi will not be responsible for any explosion.