Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cafe Caffe

Today, I'm going to recommend a fine Italian Restaurant, Cafe Caffe, which was mentioned in the previous post. Sorry, no photo at the moment, but I will upload it as soon as possible. It is situated at Taman Perling. U can easily find the restaurant by the main road leading to Perling 2. It is just 2 shops beside Yew's Cafe or few steps aways from Shell.

Well, this restaurant provide both authentic Italian food and modified Italian food (to suit Malaysian's taste bud). Unlike most Italian restaurant, they really provide you the authentic Italian food if you ask for it. For some dishes, they have two ways of cooking (they won't ask you which way you want. they will just give you the Malaysian style if you don't ask for it)

I like their chef salad for the appetizer, lamb loin for my main course, salmon pasta, black ink mariana and alfredo as my pasta. As for dessert, you must try their tiramitsu. It's so rich and creamy in taste, with cocoa powder topping.

If you like something special I'll recommend you the black ink mariana pasta. The pasta may look disgusting (I think), but it taste great! Squid ink is added so that you can taste the freshness from the sea. =)

For most dishes, the price is still consider as reasonable. The price range will be from RM2.90 to RM100++. Most dishes will be priced at around RM20++

The owner of this restaurant is very kind. He will always introduce you different dishes which are not in the menu. He will tells you about Italian's eating styles, their food and more!

Overall rating : 8
Food : 9
Service : 10
Decoration : 6
atmosphere for dating : 6
suitable when : come together with family members or friends