Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cinnamon Indian Gourmet Cuisine

Yo. JL desu.. I shud b quite new to u all.. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu..

Today, I am going to introduce an Indian Gourmet Cuisine restaurant called Cinnamon. They sell almost all traditional Indian cuisine, I suppose, haha. Had a chicken Beriani, which is quite tasty, but I feel tt the rempah is too heavy for me thou.. and a bit spicy too. Overall, it's not too bad. Do try it. And 1 more thing, the price is reasonable, in fact quite cheap.. RM7 for a big plate of chicken beriani. The portion was really big, with a lot of chicken too.. Free indian koropok too.. dunno wads the name for it. When u finished this koropok, they will add again for free. Which means the koropok is all FOC..

So... the rating, as usual.. (On a scale of 10)
Food: 7
(As the shop is still quite new, so the system is not really gd yet. They don't really kno wad to recommend and after serving, they did nth.. They also don't really have enough small change.. haha, which is quite bad for a restaurant-as I think this is quite important)
Ambient: 8
(Nice place, nice but a bit too much indian song.. haha..)
Atmosphere for dating: 3
Price: 8
= Overall: 6

Here is the location of the shop:
Taman Perling, Next to 4D shop near Yamaha Music School.

Signed off..

p/s sorry for not adding pictures as i forgot to take some.
p/p/s sorry for not mentioning th exact location.. forgot to check it out.. haha


Cathy said...

Thanks for writing this.