Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tea Break with krOx & Chien

Went out to sing and movie with Chien, krOx & Xing few weeks back... After the movie, Xing went home, but ChangChang, Chien & I went for tea break at a chinese restaurant in Jusco TC... I forgot the name of the restaurant, doesn't matter though coz the restaurant is FORGETABLE!!!!!!!

Nice view if you get to sit near the window... Can look out to Johor Jaya...
Their food preparation counter... Of wana know something funny: Chien kept staring at a guy in the counter, the assistant chef i think, or maybe the kaki preparing the food.. whoever laa, n she loudly said "Eh, look look, while pointing at him, I thought he is Han Ley"... Btw, I think Chien eye got stamp lor, maybe the height of the guy and body frame is somewhat similar to Ley and his specs is the exact style, but then the facial features really not same lor... sigh... Coz of her commotion, the guy stared back at her, but she kept on staring and pointing at him saying "U look carefully, he really look like Han Ley"... LOL!!!!!!!!
I ordered this, duno wat name ady... Stewed Chicken Roasted Pork Rice I think... Anyway... it is a set meal... meaning there is this (the main course; see pic), a drink (Ice Lemon Tea) and Desert... This is what disappointed me.. Why?! They gave me the main course, so I was eating eating, then I wana have my drink, but they never gave me, so I called the waitress who served us the dishes, asking where is my drink coz it is a SET MEAL!!! Then she went back to discuss with 3 other waitress!!! OMG!!! It's just a freaking set meal, so common sense states, she is suppose to give me my drink... DISCUSS WHAT?! No common sense!!!! DEDUCT MARKS!!!!!!
Then eat eat eat finish liao.... Then I wait wait... wait for what?! DESERT LOR!!!!! Really beh ta han... the desert oso din come!!! Aiyoooo who the hell train u all de laaa!!!! When customer order set meal, u all must be vigilant mar!!!! If customer finish eating one course, then quick quick send the second course lor... sigh!!!!!!! Then I called a waiter REMINDING, I ORDERED A SET MEAL!!! SO.... MAIN COURSE FINISH LOR!!! ANYTHING NEXT?! I think got desert one... but do you see it on my table?!
Then the guy hor... aiyooo.... shaking head... Mong Cha Cha *Cantonese = Blur Blur*... Walk here walk there, looking for desert pulak... sigh... DEDUCT MARKS!!!!!
Assessment time: (Out of 10)
Customer Service: - 10 (YES YES YES, It is a NEGATIVE!!!!) The negative marks is not only due to the multiple mistakes they did with my SET MEAL!!! they even gave krOx the wrong utensils, n they served everything at the wrong place, my rice was left in front of Chien while Chien's noodle was left in front of ChangChang... OMG!!!! What kind of service is this?!?!
Atmosphere: 5 (I think i gave 5 becoz ChangChang n Chien was there, if not maybe lower)
Decoration: 6
Food: 2
Price: 2 (Not expensive, but the food taste so so only, doesn't require that price I think)
Overall: One Star... (I think half a star is more accurate) Since I forgot the name of the shop, u all remember the 2nd pic (above), if u go in c that kind of setting n c someone that looks like Han Ley, then quick quick walk out... hehehe.... LOL~~~