Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Food for the Rich and Poor

Everyone eats for a common reason: To live. Just as air and water, food is a necessity which without it, we cannot live.

But what is the difference in eating when it comes to the rich and poor?

For the rich, many eat to satisfy their taste buds, to show their social status. Some can be very picky, only eat things which are very expensive and at places which are posh and high class. To them, they often say "I don't eat this, I don't eat that". They don't eat it not because of food allergy, not because of religion, but just because they don't want to. Anyway, they have the financial capabilities to do so.

But for the poor, they can only eat to fill up their tummies.They cannot be choosy and say "I don't eat this, I don't eat that, I don't eat at such a place, I can't eat at that place". All because they cannot afford to do so. Of course, I'm sure they will still try to follow some important needs like avoiding food causing allergic reaction and also those forbidden by their religion. But the rest, as long as it is edible, and doesn't taste awful, they will eat just to survive the day, and get enough energy to live onto the following day and hope for a better life.


Jonathan low said...

post more!!! hahaha, i'm beginning to fin jb food not that bad after reading u sa blogie

Teddy said...

U tink JB food very bad ah Jonathan?
eh eh, kluang hor, got one food court, there got sell this petai cook with cili sos wan,
extremely syok wan lor...
spicy n the petai smell very strong..
really got kickkkkk lor..

Jonathan low said...

no la, just that new here so ended udp in lousy eating areas lo