Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cinnamon Indian Gourmet Cuisine

Yo. JL desu.. I shud b quite new to u all.. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu..

Today, I am going to introduce an Indian Gourmet Cuisine restaurant called Cinnamon. They sell almost all traditional Indian cuisine, I suppose, haha. Had a chicken Beriani, which is quite tasty, but I feel tt the rempah is too heavy for me thou.. and a bit spicy too. Overall, it's not too bad. Do try it. And 1 more thing, the price is reasonable, in fact quite cheap.. RM7 for a big plate of chicken beriani. The portion was really big, with a lot of chicken too.. Free indian koropok too.. dunno wads the name for it. When u finished this koropok, they will add again for free. Which means the koropok is all FOC..

So... the rating, as usual.. (On a scale of 10)
Food: 7
(As the shop is still quite new, so the system is not really gd yet. They don't really kno wad to recommend and after serving, they did nth.. They also don't really have enough small change.. haha, which is quite bad for a restaurant-as I think this is quite important)
Ambient: 8
(Nice place, nice but a bit too much indian song.. haha..)
Atmosphere for dating: 3
Price: 8
= Overall: 6

Here is the location of the shop:
Taman Perling, Next to 4D shop near Yamaha Music School.

Signed off..

p/s sorry for not adding pictures as i forgot to take some.
p/p/s sorry for not mentioning th exact location.. forgot to check it out.. haha

Monday, August 27, 2007









Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Food for the Rich and Poor

Everyone eats for a common reason: To live. Just as air and water, food is a necessity which without it, we cannot live.

But what is the difference in eating when it comes to the rich and poor?

For the rich, many eat to satisfy their taste buds, to show their social status. Some can be very picky, only eat things which are very expensive and at places which are posh and high class. To them, they often say "I don't eat this, I don't eat that". They don't eat it not because of food allergy, not because of religion, but just because they don't want to. Anyway, they have the financial capabilities to do so.

But for the poor, they can only eat to fill up their tummies.They cannot be choosy and say "I don't eat this, I don't eat that, I don't eat at such a place, I can't eat at that place". All because they cannot afford to do so. Of course, I'm sure they will still try to follow some important needs like avoiding food causing allergic reaction and also those forbidden by their religion. But the rest, as long as it is edible, and doesn't taste awful, they will eat just to survive the day, and get enough energy to live onto the following day and hope for a better life.

Friday, August 3, 2007


Sorry for another post without picture. However, the tastiness of the satay from this stall need not to be shown by a photo, as I can feel the fragrance of the satay once I feel like eating satay! Haha! That's the best satay I've been eating since I was born. Okie, I'll stop crapping. The stall is situated at Taman Perling. (People will start to ask : "Hey, why Taman Perling again? It's too far away!) Well, I am staying in Taman Perling, so I'll introduce all nice food that can be found in Taman Perling first before I proceed to the other place.

It's located at one of the house at Jalan Persisiran Perling 1. (From perling's bridge, turn left. The road on your left is Jalan Persisiran Perling 1) The stall will only open from 6 or 7 pm onwards, so don't come too early!

The satay's meat is so tender and juicy, wow! I would like to have some now! Haha!

So, next time if you are free, just come to Perling and have some satay.

Satay's price : 50 cents each

Food & Tea @ Jusco Tebrau City

Today, I went to Food & Tea in Tebrau City with Sherwynd, Dan, Xavier, Zhemin & Joanne. I ordered a set dish consisting of Roasted Honey Chicken Fried Rice, Red Tea, Sweet Corn Crab Meat Soup & a scoop of ice cream which cost RM11.00. The rest of the gang ordered things like noodle, pork chop fried rice, a chocolate cake, etc. Each of them spending an average of RM8.00 to RM13.00.

Since I did not taste the rest, I shall only review on the dishes I had. Let's start with the Sweet Corn Crab Meat Soup. Frankly, it failed my tastebuds. It tasted like a can of corn soup diluted with lots of sky juice topped with a few threads of crab meat.

Red tea was nice. Taste real good. Maybe it was becoz I like chinese tea, and sweet ones. Some people may say sugar or honey should only go with western teas, but then, I really like sweetened chinese tea. I guess I can accept some east meets west concepts when it comes to food. The rest of the gang ordered a blue blue drink which has a mint taste. They din hav much complaint bout it. Zhemin seemed to hav enjoyed his cup of coffee.

The desert which was what Dan describe as a one mouth 'ngam!' portion of vanilla ice cream was kind of small. And there is nothing special about the vanilla flavor of it. So totally forgetable.

Now, the main dish, the Roasted Honey Chicken Fried Rice. I like roasted stuff, so I guess this dish did catch my attention a bit. The roasted honey chicken did taste nice. But the rice was just any ordinary rice flavoured with some sauce (I'm guessing the sauce consist of soy sauce and sesame oil as main ingredient).

The price was reasonable for the set as it does fill in your tummy. The fried rice ordered by Joanne was GIGANTIC!!! No kidding guys. It was so big that I myself may had some problem finishing it. She didn't comment much bout it though. The noodle soup ordered by Dan was some what bland and watery.

The interior design of the outlet was nice and comfy. Dim lites give you some soothing environment for you to get away from the hectic life. Suitable for families and friends to have a break, do some catching up.

Each of us got 3 different menus, one big book, one small book and one A3 size menu. Sigh... Going thru all of them is a hassle. Collecting the menus after we ordered was a big problem for the waitress. LOL!!!!

Ratings: (On a scale of 10)
Food: 4
(They don't smile much, don't even bother to ask who ordered what while serving, just left the dishes at one corner for us to distribute ourselves; too many menus, why can't they combine it to one)
Decoration/Environment: 7
Atmosphere for dating: 3
Price: 7
= Overall: 5

PS: Ley, I think we should have a standard rating system that all of us use to avoid ambiguity.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cafe Caffe

Today, I'm going to recommend a fine Italian Restaurant, Cafe Caffe, which was mentioned in the previous post. Sorry, no photo at the moment, but I will upload it as soon as possible. It is situated at Taman Perling. U can easily find the restaurant by the main road leading to Perling 2. It is just 2 shops beside Yew's Cafe or few steps aways from Shell.

Well, this restaurant provide both authentic Italian food and modified Italian food (to suit Malaysian's taste bud). Unlike most Italian restaurant, they really provide you the authentic Italian food if you ask for it. For some dishes, they have two ways of cooking (they won't ask you which way you want. they will just give you the Malaysian style if you don't ask for it)

I like their chef salad for the appetizer, lamb loin for my main course, salmon pasta, black ink mariana and alfredo as my pasta. As for dessert, you must try their tiramitsu. It's so rich and creamy in taste, with cocoa powder topping.

If you like something special I'll recommend you the black ink mariana pasta. The pasta may look disgusting (I think), but it taste great! Squid ink is added so that you can taste the freshness from the sea. =)

For most dishes, the price is still consider as reasonable. The price range will be from RM2.90 to RM100++. Most dishes will be priced at around RM20++

The owner of this restaurant is very kind. He will always introduce you different dishes which are not in the menu. He will tells you about Italian's eating styles, their food and more!

Overall rating : 8
Food : 9
Service : 10
Decoration : 6
atmosphere for dating : 6
suitable when : come together with family members or friends

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没 预订?休想尝到它的美味。烹调它需要数小时。为何我会说它带给了我新的启示呢?就以它烹调的时间来看吧。烹调它非常耗时,且需要厨师每刻的细心与认真。这 正如我们在人生的道路上,做每一件大事时,所需的时间是非常之久的。甭提创业,身为学生的我们,是否已砸下大把的青春在这条通往知识的大道上?况且,认真 这元素,在学习的道路上是不可或缺的。




The very first post...

Welcome to The Gourmet's Place! This is an independent food review site by a group of gluttonous people! Currently we have 3 person in our team : Hanley, Xiang Yi and Zhan Hui. But, our food seeker team will be strengthen in the future, hopefully there will be 10 in our team. Our mission is to provide you the the most accurate information about the tastiest food in the town! We will find out the cheapest place to eat, the most famous stall for certain food and give review to some posh restaurants. In a nut shell, we just want you to be indulged in the world of food! Enjoy!