Sunday, August 31, 2008


Dessert time!!

A most imprtt enjoying fd moment for gals!

okie... let's c, wad's popular in KL....

mb u ll say Donut...

but i m not goin to tok bout tt Circular thg
* i personally think Big Apple is nicer & i hate Circular motion in Phy!
haha... -___-"

wad i wanna introduce is...


These cream puff is vry vry vry NICE!

i personally lyk the Chocholate flavour more...

not too sweet...

not oily...

Highly recommended...


Rate: ☆☆☆☆



This 2 is not cream puffs, but dey selling tis in their shop...

the chocolate inside is vry thick...

oso got the "volcano eruption" feeling...

niway, if u r not used to thick choc, this may b a bit too Bitter for u. =)

Location: LG flr, Mid valley
Price: RM3.80 per puff RM4.50 per chocfang

Sunday, August 24, 2008

hey evry1. i'm ♥♥ YvoNne ♥♥. =)

i m new mmbr here lo.

saying 'hi' and the 1st fd i wan introduce is...

wad i lyk most~

La Men...

i quite lyk PikaChu 1. * the 1 in cs, cyberzon.

but, tis 1 is not japanese 1, is korean fd...


WARNING: if u cant really take spicy fd, Dont ever try...

u ll cry...

Rate: 4 stars

Shop: 庆丰 harvest
Location: Mid Valley (beside Yamaha)

Price: RM16.90

Y i lyk it:
I lyk tis reastaurant is becoz of its 石锅拌饭 stone rice.
But when i try tis LAMEN, i definitely not regretted for orderring it.
It's filled with fresh Seafd, not lyk Pikachu, jz few cheap fried stuff to eat with noodles.
I lyk their noodles too, handmade 1.
Vry soft, vry Q.
I personally lyk the side dishes.
But most of the side dishes r spicy oso.
I lyk their marsh potato, vry sweet, not salty 1.
Taste lyk dessert.
Sweet lyk when ur Bf kiss u. =)