Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kenny Roger's Tangy Chicken Pasta

Not sure whether you guys have tasted this before, but it has been in the menu for quite sometime already.. and I kinda like it... It's pasta top with a sweet sour sauce, one side-dish of your choice and a quarter chicken (black pepper/original), I usually go for blackpepper.. Yummy.. hehehe... Cost RM18.50This is the four season drink.. Since this was my dinner on Sunday nite and there was a Xmas performance in CS, so I chose Winter as my drink hopefully matching the atmosphere there... But then, you noticed the pink color? hahaha.. it's supposed to be white as in Vanilla icecream in it.. but they ran out of vanilla icecream, so they gave me Strawberry instead.. haha... Cost: Rm5.50... Yea, I know it's a little expensive... Eat once in a blue moon lor.. haha... I haven't ate Kenny Rogers for the past 2 years ady anyway... hahaha.... Good place to go... Nice chicken!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


Sorry guys. Hav been long since the last time i post sumthg. quite busy recently. but dun worry, had been trying so much gd fd. Picts are all in my hand to share with u all.


Ths 1st one i wanna share is this restaurant called:

It's a spanish restaurant, located in bukit bintang.
Their dishes are all made by pork.
The feeling sitting inside is jz lyk u r in spain!

Now it's the show time~~

the starter: cream soup.

the appetizer: cold plate of pork

Snack dish: 4 Season of pork sausage

Main dish 1: BBQ pork

Main dish 2: Roasted Piglet



Red wine with berries

white wine & citrus

Chinvas on hard rock

This restaurant can let u try out their spanish tradition.
"Breaking the plates after eating".
Dun worry U nd not to pay for them.

Cut the crispy meat using the plate.

Tha lady boss.

The 'pail' v can splash the plates into it.

Just be4 i step out the restaurant, i found tis particular cute & caught my <3 to come again!

For ELCETDO, definitely a 10-stars! =))

*p/s: Thank you Hubby for this nice meal. =D

Sunday, December 28, 2008





真的觉得自己小时候非常不懂事常闹脾气不肯吃咸茶..并不是不喜欢,只是觉得天天吃,偶尔该试吃别的.因此,我很任性地哭闹,硬是不肯吃咸茶..这时,她都会特地为我煮快熟面,生怕我饿着似的..过了一段日子,我渐渐懂事了,我不再像以往那么任性,而且我还爱上了咸茶的味道外婆伟大的爱感动了我,让我从无知的顽童成长为一个比较懂事的人...不该为了一点小事而替别人添麻烦.. 突然领悟到,天天吃一样的东西并不会令人觉得厌烦.相反地,自己应该惜福,因为能够天天吃到健康的食物.这就好像天天经历一样的事,天天和一样的人见面,即使这很平凡,但只要是自己喜欢遇上的人或事,再平凡都是精彩的.




Saturday, December 27, 2008


When I first heard kYi mentioned about Twilight in the blog, I was like "it's a movie?". Haha.. I was so totally unaware of this movie.

By the way, kYi also said the lead actor, Edward as being handsome?! Which, erm.. after watching the movie myself, terribly disagree!!! I so totally doubt that Edward, the vampire was handsome at all. He was just normal looking.

What I like about the movie is the part where Edward said "Don't trust me!" when he implied he may not be able to control himself and end up sucking the girl's blood.

So what does it take to trust somebody? Why did the girl actually trust him and his family that they won't make her their meal, sucking her blood dry? What made her so sure she would be safe when there are people in the town being killed by vampires?

In the end, she even said that she was willing to let him bite her to spread the vampire venom so she could be one of their own and stay with him for eternity, forever at the age of 17.

But how would your life be if you are an immortal being at 17 years old forever? You will need to move to a new town every now and then so that people won't suspect your abnormality. Are you willing to go through all these? Not forgeting that not everyone you know will be a vampire an they will grow old and die in the end, unless you want to turn everyone into vampires.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Strawberry Sago

Tried this is the famous chain-foodcourt called Kopitiam, you can see this foodcourt basically anywhere... Many branches.... This is the Strawberry Sago... Sweet Sweet wan real nice... But in the picture, it looks better... hehehe... Oh, I dont mean my picture, I mean the picture they put on the stall...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

McD's Orange McFlurry

There is a new Mcflurry in the market, which is the Orange Mcflurry... I tasted it the other day, and OH MY GOD!!! Taste Horrible!! I totally dislike it!!!!!! The orange or lemon topping they used is not tasty at all, extremely sour with a bitter taste... This is a NEGATIVE 5 star from me!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

What's your favourite chocolate?

This is not bad...
This spoon is cute! haha.. Just curious, what is your favourite chocolate ah? Mine would be the Fererro Roche.. Hershey Almond is lovely too.... how bout u guys?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008






Saturday, December 13, 2008

Green Tea Ice Cream

RM2.50 in Jusco Tebrau City. Taste quite good if you like green tea. The only thing is the ice cream maker wasn't working very well as the ice cream wasn't really solid, it's a little too soft. Nonetheless, still a good thing to try out. Rather popular I must say, everyone was eating, including old aunties and grannies. hehehe...

Friday, December 5, 2008

电影非食物-犬と私の10の約束 10 promises to my dog

今天不谈食物,让我们谈电影.一直认为今年已经没有能超越<钱不够用2>的电影了, 但是, 我错了.<与狗狗的十个承诺> 绝对拥有超越前者的资格不亚于去年的<不能说的秘密>,甚至在它之上.






Wednesday, December 3, 2008





我说,这种难得的体验实在很棒..远离城市的喧哗, 避开狭小斗室的孤既,接近充满虫鸣的小丛林,静静享受一室的温暖.…即使只是躺在那儿什么也不做,我也已经很满足了.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

KimGary's Seafood fun!

let's try out all the double seafood cheese baked rice!

Add on RM3 for dessert,soup & drink!

Decoration on the lamp.

Christmas is coming... =)