Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Self cooking.

Ppl like me love eating love cooking~

Tis time let's share u all my Kon Loh Mee 干捞面 recipe.

A super easy one!

Kon Loh Mee
Small red onion

Soya sauce
Oyster oil
Corn flour 勾芡用的。

1. Wash the noodles.

2. Cook it in boiling water.

3. Place in cold water. Heard tt it will keep the Qness of the noodles,

4. Cut the small red onion,mushroom and pork into small pieces.

5. Fry the small pieces of onion. When they give out the smell, add the meat pieces & mushroom into it. Fry until the meat becomes half greyish.

6. Add soya sauce into it. Then, follow by the oyster oil. Taste the sauce. Add salt if u want. Add some pepper to make sure there's no foul smell of the meat. Add the corn flour so that the sauce become sticky.

7. Place this sauce onto the noodles.

8. Cut the ham into tiny strips. Fry them.

9. Eat the noodles with ham & cucumber. The ham should be crunchy & the cucumber should be fresh.

10. This is the end product la~

Hehe. My bf becum the 1st tester la~
He rated it: ☆☆☆☆☆

I finished evrythg in bout 10 minutes. It is really vry easy & tasty.


Teddy said...

looks cool!!

haha... must find time to try.. hahaha

nightspider said...

It's vry easy lo~
sure u wanna try it out!