Monday, March 2, 2009

Kinsahi again...

sry jz a random meal with mum...
and it's KINSAHI again...
* i nvr undrstnd or try to undrstnd y my mum lyk tis restaurant...

Sanma Fish

Japanese fried chicken

Seaweed Fried rice

Tis one is nice!
Fried salmon sushi!

The below pict shows my mum's hand, not mine! lololx =D

Location: KINSAHI Japanese Restaurant, Sutera Mall, JB
Price: Reasonable ( because i forgot the detailed price d =P )
Rate: ☆☆☆☆
Reason tt i wanna recommend tis:
The price is affordable by students
the quality/freshness of food is almost the same in 4/5 stars hotel.


-pcbon- said...

kinsahi going to have special anniversary discount tmr~ RM1++ for a noodle~!

Anonymous said...

u going?
is it on for whole malaysia?

Anonymous said...
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