Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Haagen Daaz!


Ppl jz dont envy me.

I had tis all alone.

Kaka. XD

Can i describe the feeling as HEAVEN?

lololx. My best way to distress.

H-A-P-P-Y-ing. Going back JayBee on fri.

-- yvonne --


Teddy said...


JB no Hagen Daaz hor?!

nvm, dis weekend i go makan baskin robbins.. haha.. equally expensive stuff!! hahaha

nightspider said...

i not rlly sure ye~
i owayz tot haagen dazz is bit more xpensiv than BR.
but i prefer HD since BR is bit too heavy tasted for me. =)

Teddy said...


yea, HD is more exp than BR, but thats the best i can find in JB, since there is no HD in JB n Swensens sudah tutup kedai, pelangi n CS oso stop selling Swensens ice cream liao.. duno y.. :(


nightspider said...

oic ic.
i dunno ye.
i seldom go out in jb one.
hmm, mb bcoz jb ppl dunno how to enjoy ice cream...

dun sad la~

~xiang yi~ said...

i want haagen dazs~
JB tak ada laoya de....