Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Din Tai Fung

It's a chinese restaurant located inside the Gardens.
It's called "鼎泰丰".

Hmm, i always get confused and called it "泰丰鼎".
Okay, it makes evryone laugh
becoz it sounds lyk 我要去‘台风顶’吃。

This restaurant origins from Taiwan
& is an award-winning restaurant,
specializing in XiaoLongBao.

Today let's us start with a history class.
Becoz at 1st i m confused too.
Why is this Taiwan restaurant selling all China food??

the founder Bingyi Yang
was born in China but moved to Taiwan
as a result of the Chinese civil war.
After working 10 years at a cooking oil retailer,
he found himself unemployed due the store's closing.
He founded Din Tai Fung (also a cooking oil retailer).
Around 1980,
tinned cooking oil became prevalent,
& business diminished drastically.

In order to survive,
Bingyi Yang began making & selling steamed buns (xiaolongbao) on the side.
The buns were so popular
that the store stopped selling oil
& became a full-fledged restaurant.
The original restaurant was located in Taipei.

I love this story bout Bingyi Yang
that shows us about the characteristic of our people,


OKay, after this long & boring class,
let's start with our food!
Note: I went there for a high tea only.
So i cant bring u too much pict of tis restaurant.
Sry guys, but y not go there and try it urself?


Tis is their 招牌小笼包

Can u c how juicy is it?

The juice almost dropped out when u take it up
but the skin is so "springy" tt hold it inside.

This is super nice too!
"Mango Lobster Roll"

The inside is still cold and u can test how fresh the lobster is
but the skin is so crispy tt one is not enuf for the taste!

Beijing Dumplings

*i still think XiaoLongBao nicer. =)

Wad's different is tt inside tis dumpling, there r some unknown vege, which XLB doesn't hav.

Pork Chop!
I forgot wad's its full name edi.

But as u can c from the pict, u edi know it's SUPERB!

I forgot wad tea v ordered.

But it's so nice!

The tea leaves r tiny one.

U can try ask the waiter if u wanna try it there. =)

The decoration inside.
Normal la~


Teddy said...

the xiaolongbao & pork chop looks extremely delicious..

how much ah?

nightspider said...

I think the XLB is the best in town edi!
The pork chop is special~
but if u go try, mz oso try the Mango lobster out!

nightspider said...

i forgot the price edi...
but it wont b too expensiv la~

Teddy said...

ur not exp is RM600?

nightspider said...

i think tis meal i spent less than RM70.

Teddy said...

oh reli!! ok ok can go eat.. hahaha.. bagi alamat plz.. hehehe..

nightspider said...

it's inside Gardens.
i think ground floor.
the same row as canton-i.

nightspider said...

it's inside Gardens.
i think ground floor.
the same row as canton-i.

Teddy said...

alamak, in KL, n i tak pernah pergi Midvalley Gardens.. hahaha

nightspider said...

nxt time cum here la~ =)
a lot of nice fd =D

saliva droppin d. =P