Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kenny Roger's Tangy Chicken Pasta

Not sure whether you guys have tasted this before, but it has been in the menu for quite sometime already.. and I kinda like it... It's pasta top with a sweet sour sauce, one side-dish of your choice and a quarter chicken (black pepper/original), I usually go for blackpepper.. Yummy.. hehehe... Cost RM18.50This is the four season drink.. Since this was my dinner on Sunday nite and there was a Xmas performance in CS, so I chose Winter as my drink hopefully matching the atmosphere there... But then, you noticed the pink color? hahaha.. it's supposed to be white as in Vanilla icecream in it.. but they ran out of vanilla icecream, so they gave me Strawberry instead.. haha... Cost: Rm5.50... Yea, I know it's a little expensive... Eat once in a blue moon lor.. haha... I haven't ate Kenny Rogers for the past 2 years ady anyway... hahaha.... Good place to go... Nice chicken!!!


姜堰23张 said...

Although from different places, but this perception is consistent, which is relatively rare point!