Monday, December 22, 2008

What's your favourite chocolate?

This is not bad...
This spoon is cute! haha.. Just curious, what is your favourite chocolate ah? Mine would be the Fererro Roche.. Hershey Almond is lovely too.... how bout u guys?


Anonymous said...

the spoon really so cute..
is it a chocolate?

~kyi~ said...

Mr teddy,she's waiting for u to reply her..haha..y are u not here?

Teddy said...

Ms Eengling,

Sorry for the late reply..

hehe.. yes, the spoon is chocolate..

the light brown is milk chocolate

the dark one is dark chocolate..

both taste yummy

Teddy said...

Mr. kYi,

paiseh, I seldom come this blog wan haha..

I've already ask HanLey to put all of us on the Email Notification List, so that when there is a comment, we will be emailed..

but then hor.. no action from him... hahaha.. so wat to do.. i duno when got comment de leh... this is his blog, we all just co-author.. he need to take actions only our lives will be easier mar..h hehhe..

Anonymous said...

kyi ..
u a ...
i ask u u say me ask ur fr ..
haiyo ..