Saturday, December 27, 2008


When I first heard kYi mentioned about Twilight in the blog, I was like "it's a movie?". Haha.. I was so totally unaware of this movie.

By the way, kYi also said the lead actor, Edward as being handsome?! Which, erm.. after watching the movie myself, terribly disagree!!! I so totally doubt that Edward, the vampire was handsome at all. He was just normal looking.

What I like about the movie is the part where Edward said "Don't trust me!" when he implied he may not be able to control himself and end up sucking the girl's blood.

So what does it take to trust somebody? Why did the girl actually trust him and his family that they won't make her their meal, sucking her blood dry? What made her so sure she would be safe when there are people in the town being killed by vampires?

In the end, she even said that she was willing to let him bite her to spread the vampire venom so she could be one of their own and stay with him for eternity, forever at the age of 17.

But how would your life be if you are an immortal being at 17 years old forever? You will need to move to a new town every now and then so that people won't suspect your abnormality. Are you willing to go through all these? Not forgeting that not everyone you know will be a vampire an they will grow old and die in the end, unless you want to turn everyone into vampires.


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