Sunday, November 30, 2008

KimGary's Seafood fun!

let's try out all the double seafood cheese baked rice!

Add on RM3 for dessert,soup & drink!

Decoration on the lamp.

Christmas is coming... =)


Teddy said...

another expensive stuff intro.. hahaha.. but looks delicious leh..

Anonymous said...

delicious indeed!
owh, teddy loves chinese fd ya?

- p c b o n - said...

why everybody ordered the same dessert haha..
btw where de kim gary laide?

~kyi~ said...

Yup i went to mid valley today!little taiwan...damn expensive la...haha...not very nice...but nicer than the food in foodcourt...i found out that nightspider likes to eat delicious but expensive food.

Teddy said...


no ah, i semua sapu wan! as long as it is not against buddhism then i makan!! hahah..

must taste good la obviously.. hehehe

Teddy said...

btw, i think if we go eat at the places u eat hor, we must bring credit card izit? hahahaha

Anonymous said...

To BonBon:
Sunway Pyramid la~

Anonymous said...

To KeiYi:
Ask u call me lo~
I can show u the laksa place~~

Anonymous said...

To TedDy:
U sure bor?
If lyk tt, u can eat meat; sud b a vege now.
U wan bring card oso nvm.
Ur treat den.

Anonymous said...

To bOnbOn:

ohya, the dessert cant choose one la~
i think the whole month is the same...
Yam pudding. Evry KimGary oso the same.
But personally i lyk their Soya pudding.