Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Old Town

Went to Old Town during the 1st day of CNY to have a tea break with my uncle & aunt & cousins.

Wow, the Old Town in KL got a very very long list of dishes not like the Old Town in Jusco TC.

Anyway, I wasn't hungry, so I ordered a Chinese Red Tea and a BlueBerry Icecream.

The read tea was normal, nothing much to say about it.

The ice cream, hmm.... The blueberry topping taste normal too, but the good thing is it is not too sour, but I've a feeling that it's just those ordinary already-made type of blueberry in a can that you can get from supermarket. The vanilla ice cream does taste nice. The only down part of it is you can actually feel ice crystal within the ice cream. The freezer temperature must be very low to cause ice crystal formation within the icecream. I think they should increase the temperature of the freezer a bit, so that the ice cream is smoother.Ratings: Out of 10 marks
Food: 8 marks
Customer service: 7 marks
Price: 8 marks
Ambience: 8
Decoration: 7 marks
Overall: 7.5 marks

Anyway, Old Town is rather a good place for rather reasonably priced food (depends on what you order) and for catching up with family and friends. Not suitable for dating though, coz there are lots of people, just like the old fashion Kopitiam with a little class to it... People talk loud loud, laugh loud loud.. hehe...