Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nippon Yataimura Restaurant at CS

*Hope I got the name right.. Hehe..

Went there to have a lunch on Valentine's Day with Jeah Loong, Han Ley, Shi Jian and Wei Heng.

The lighting was rather dim making the atmosphere quite soothing and romantic in someway for couples. For the same reason, my handphone cam won't work well in dim areas. So, didn't take much pics.

Anyway, I ordered a Teppan Chicken Ika. It consist of:
- a bowl of rice,
- miso soup,
- small plate of salad,
- one serving watermelon and
- grilled chicken and beansprout

Cost: RM20

The combination was nice to me. The little sour taste in the salad is rather appetizing, preparing your tastebuds for the main dish.

The chicken was nicely grilled. When you introduce a small piece into your mouth, your tongue can feel the crispyness of outer layer of the chicken. Chewing the chicken, you can feel the tenderness of the meat and its juiciness. The gravy wasn't too salty, so it went well with the chicken.

The miso soup was a good way to wash everything down, rather refreshing.

Even though the price is a tad bit high, but the servings was very generous and you will really be able to fill up your tummy while tasting rather delicious food.

Oh yea, one thing, you need to be quite well-skilled in using chopsticks. The reason being that not all dishes come with spoons, like my dish, even though it comes with a bowl of miso soup. The bowl is small enough for you to drink the soup as though from a cup. So, well-developed chopsticks skill will allow you to pick up every single grain of rice from the bowl. Hehe... Do note that the Malaysian style of putting the bowl to the lips and sweeping all the rice into the mouth is not the proper way in dining with chopsticks.

The restaurant runs on basic Japanese language. So, if you have someone who is able to converse in a certain amount of Japanese, the dining would be rather interesting. We had the pleasure of having Jeah Loong-kun's presence with us and he knows Japanese!!! Haha...

Ratings: Out of 10 marks
Food: 8 marks
Customer service: 7.5 marks
Price: 7 marks
Ambience: 8.5 marks
Decoration: 7 marks
Overall: 7.5 marks


~xiang yi~ said...

teddy: putting the bowl to the lips and sweeping all the rice into the mouth IS THE RIGHT WAY ok.
That's how those people in China eat those days.
maybe you should go and check the history of chinese. hahaha...

Teddy said...

xiang yi..
no no no
thats not the proper way of using chopstick..
dats the easy method..
the proper way is not to let the bowl touch the lips..
Im a Hokkien, our chopstick method oso not suppose to put bowl to lips... Teochew is the same too..

hehehe... but of coz, depends on where u makan oso laa... if u go makan Bak Kut Teh, i wont say anything lor..
hahahahhaa... but if u go a little classy dining places then 要讲究一点啦.. hahaha...

~xiang yi~ said...

hahahaha yalo..depends on the place... I also want eat!! never bring me along. hmph.

Teddy said...

xiang yi,
who is the one who dun wan bagi me fon num. ah?!
OMG.. it's u!!
somemore go curi curi c my foto at JiaLeng's phone.. hehe