Monday, October 6, 2008


1st the starter...

Kickin Shrimps! my fav~~~
I bet evry1 wud love tis! ( NO EXCEPTION. --- proven )

Garlic Bread! Tis is FOC fd, depends on which TR restaurant u went.

2nd the waitress...

They r wearing nice frml shirt.
I lyk most the uniform for chinese female worker.
But too bad, the 1 who serving my table is an Indian.
She kept saying me & hong wee r foreigner.
In the end, Hong wee got to giv her lots of tips.
Since she so hardworking. lol XD

3rd the FOOD!!!!!

1st this is the set of Steak and Boneless ribs.

2nd is the ribs with Bones.
Tis is oso my fav~~~ hahaha
Damn NICE.
try it if not u wasted ur life. =)

This is my Steak!
Can u c the color?


3rd baked pacific Cod!
Fresh & Juicy!

with sesame tomato sauce! ICHIBAN!

4th Beverage!
This is Pineapple mixed Cherry!
the unusual non-alcohol drink in TR.
They selling most alcohol drinks =)

Dey even hav bartender inside ^^

Rate: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Kickin Shrimp RM19.90
Boneless Ribs + Sirloin RM55.90
Ribs with bones RM49.90
Pacific Cod RM39.90

Wad u mz try is their Ribs, seafood and Steaks!
highly recommended by YVoNNe aka NiGHTSPiDeR. =)

Available in Mid valley & sunway pyramid.