Friday, October 10, 2008

Longest Pasar Malam in Malaysia

so the story starts from the college i m studying in...


Most ppl dont rrlly noe where tis college is. ( or they ll say Got tis coll meh? )
Hmm niway not my fault.
I din choose to enter here.
JPA gav 1... Aiks.

Okay, however,
the longest pasar malam is jz located a stone throw away from my coll!
a walking dist =)

i almost visit it evry wk if i m in KL.

So since I said i wanna introduce nice & cheap fd,
I Specially Bungkus balik my fd...

I used to half walking half eating in psr mlm 1.
So got no chance to take photo.

however if u wanna do such thg lyk me
* i meant half walking half eating in psr mlm
NVR go there too late.

I usually go there bout 5.30pm.
there ll b crowded lyk crazy once ur clock turns 6pm.

I went there be4 at 8pm lyk tt.

okok, back to the fd i bought tis time...

Tis is Called "8 treasure Porridge"八宝粥 *lololx This translation vry funny.
Nice nice! Got lots seafd inside, 够味!

This is a new Fd from the Biggest Kuih-muih stall.
wadever kuih u wan find can b found there.
This one dey jz cum out tis wk.
name oso dont hav.
but the boss said i can call it as "菜丝沙拉辣萝卜糕".
so from the name u can guess wad's the taste d. =) hehe

This is "菜粿".
Most Famous in tis psr mlm.
There r a few stalls selling it.
Must rmmbr the nicest 1 ll b the 1st stall after crossing 2 roads.

dessert Fd from memory. isn't it? ^^

So tt's wad my stomach cacn fit in d.
there r so much nice fd here!
introduce u all nxt time.

Location: Psr mlm Connaught, Cheras. *evry Wed.
Rate & price:
i)八宝粥 ☆☆☆☆☆☆ RM4.00
ii)菜丝沙拉辣萝卜糕 ☆☆☆ RM2.00
iii)菜粿 ☆☆☆☆☆☆ RM3.00
iv)爱玉冰 ☆☆☆☆ RM1.80

There r another psr mlm in cheras too, near Cheras Leisure Mall.
Tt 1 most stalls selling clothes & accesories.
The Connaught one most selling fd. & shoes. lol =D


Teddy said...

this is nice, all cheap cheap! i like!! heheh

nightspider said...

lololx. =D

wjleong said...

no no no!!!
here no pasar malam...

nightspider said...

owh, i think i better find sum tahan-able food to courier for u~

my pity leong leong~~~


wjleong said...

wah... so nice!
buy for me food from pasar malam subang jaya... hehe

nightspider said...

oh no no~
subang is far enuf from cheras...

dont bully me la~