Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Pure Taste Adventure.

After main meal & dessert, a jz nice beverage ll do its role.

Hmmmmmmmm, i Heart <3 tis!!


Wad i wanna recommend in tis shop is their Thick Shake o Milk Shake.

Wad's the difference btwn 2?

So, if u prefer to taste the flavor more, try Thick shake.
But if u lyk sumthg vry vry creaaaaaaammmy *lyk me =), try out Milk shake!

Dont understimate wad's inside jz 1 cup of tis milk shake ok?

Basically, ur milkshake is made up by blending milk & ice together.
But, for tis shop, dey nvr use ice, dey use ice cream!!
and the ice cream tasted lyk heaven!!
Plus, plus, plus! their ice cream is made by yogurt!
which is vry gd for ur health!!

and there's a reason y galz mz drink tis!
most of their ice cream is fat free!!
even the Thick Choc MilkShake is 99% fat free!!
Imagine~~~ =)
Taste same way lyk u ask the StarBucks ppl add lots & lots whipped cream on JavaChips!!

owh~~ Creeaaamm my way!!!

niway my fav flavor is still Mango...
it doesn't taste sweet at all...
But, once drink, ur mood is lighten up!
and u feel lyk jz wanna sing sumthing lyk M-A-N-G-O-O-O....

kaka XD

Rate: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
Location: LG, MV
a) thick shake RM16.90 per cup
b) milk shake RM14.90 per cup
tax free. =)

Okay- U may not hav been to NewZealand, but U can hav a taste of it! =)
Get urself into tis Pure Taste Adventure, with the freshest, juiciest & creamiest natural backyard Flavour.


Teddy said...

wah seh, so expensive wan!!!
more exp than baskin robins!! hahaha

nightspider said...

of coz la~~

but still cheaper than haagen dazs...

Haagen Dazs d best!!!