Friday, September 5, 2008

Hmm after Korea, NewYork, NewZealand...

Regional fd today is..........

hmm, act i wanna try out Little Vietnam 1...
But in the end i choose tis restaurant beside L.Vietnam, called:


and there is a long long long staircase to walk be4 u reach ya~ aiks.

Tis is the place i sit:

Before u order, the waiter ll stamp 2 big Stamp in front of u:
They r the blessings from the shopkeeper to u.
It's a traditional culture of vietnam.

one represents propitiousness and one represents wealthness.

I love the Feeling while sitting inside the restaurant.
Vry quiet Vry comfortable *vry easy to fall in sleep tt kind of feel.

Act these Lamps r Quite arty-crafty.
But i using Hp camera, so cant really show it.

I really lyk them lots ^^

The chinese name of CÔdo is 古都.
I lyk the design.

from the place i sit,

can view wad's outside down there.


Fd v ordered finally come~~~

2 person onli eh..
I think v order too much d...

the waitress saw our face & said:
"dont worry, can take away 1."

hehe =D

Tis is wad i lyk most =)

i) the Vietnam SiuMai & sugarcaned FishPiece.

But the MUst-Try ll b sugarcaned FishPiece.

Really vry vry nice! dey used fresh sugar cane to fry the fish.

den when u eat the fish, u feel quite dry coz it's fried 1 rite?

den u sambil bite the sugar cane!

Sweet & juicy!

Heaven~~~ R dey call it tt? =))

ii) Dessert...
Dragon fruit salad!
love it too... But taste bit lyk 华人的鱼生~

Location: mid valley
Price: everything i ate as u can c in my pict cost RM65.
Rate: ☆☆☆☆


Teddy said...

i've nvr tried vietnam food b4 wor.. haha.. at midvalley.. hmm who wana teman me go?