Friday, April 10, 2009

What can u buy with RM1?

Yeah! Tis super nice nasi lemak onli cost u RM1.
It's selling right in front of the maybank when u re out of my college.
It's filling & tasty!


Teddy said...

u still in sedaya meh? i tot u finish liao..

nightspider said...

too bad i ll onli finish it by tis june...

kyi said...

zz..nasi lemak rm1 got egg one...i thought nowadays no such nasi lemak edi.

Teddy said...


normally near uni or colleges, u will find a lot of cheap n nice food wan... like UM there got a lot of stuffs.. hehe...but looking at the picture, i oso agree dat the serving is rather big for RM1..'s full egg somemore, not half egg leh!! hahaha..

nightspider said...

Wrong, Ted!
U can find cheap fd around those government uni, but not private college..
Those stalls here always sell expensiv fd (They tot all college students' family vry rich =.=).
But tis nasi lemak is an exception, and it tasted incrediblely delicious.
I m sure it worth more than RM1.
That's y i post here.