Sunday, August 24, 2008

hey evry1. i'm ♥♥ YvoNne ♥♥. =)

i m new mmbr here lo.

saying 'hi' and the 1st fd i wan introduce is...

wad i lyk most~

La Men...

i quite lyk PikaChu 1. * the 1 in cs, cyberzon.

but, tis 1 is not japanese 1, is korean fd...


WARNING: if u cant really take spicy fd, Dont ever try...

u ll cry...

Rate: 4 stars

Shop: 庆丰 harvest
Location: Mid Valley (beside Yamaha)

Price: RM16.90

Y i lyk it:
I lyk tis reastaurant is becoz of its 石锅拌饭 stone rice.
But when i try tis LAMEN, i definitely not regretted for orderring it.
It's filled with fresh Seafd, not lyk Pikachu, jz few cheap fried stuff to eat with noodles.
I lyk their noodles too, handmade 1.
Vry soft, vry Q.
I personally lyk the side dishes.
But most of the side dishes r spicy oso.
I lyk their marsh potato, vry sweet, not salty 1.
Taste lyk dessert.
Sweet lyk when ur Bf kiss u. =)



Teddy said...

hmmm looks very large serving leh Yvonne..
this is all for one person ah?
hehe.. pikachu is cool hor..
hehehe.. but must bring a japanese guy go baru fun.. haha

nightspider said...

yup, it's for 1 person serve.

vry full...

usually after tis lunch no nd dinner d.

haha =)

~xiang yi~ said...

oh i love love love love love spicy food!!!!
and those foods look yummy~

but jb dun have that restoran leh~~ sien sien..
next time go kl must try! haha...

nightspider said...

owh u lyk spicy fd means nrmlly u lyk Korean fd lo~

u now Asia Cafe near taylor's & inti not?

if u cum KL, mz go there try!

the Korean Fd there oso ichiban!!!

and big serve oso...

suitanle for gathering den all share share fd~~

vry nice =)